Healthy Lifestyle Spa Membership

Integrate’s Healthy Lifestyle Spa Membership

Your Choice ~ Each Month

Therapeutic Swedish MassageSignature Honey Facial

Ever have a day when you’ve just had enough stress and chaos?  Do you need to receive a little more nurturing in your life?  At times we all neglect the most important person in our lives…ourselves!  Receiving a Therapeutic Swedish Massage or our Signature Honey Facial on a regular basis is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.  Healthy Lifestyle Spa Membership is FREE!  All that you need to do is commit to receiving one discounted monthly session for yourself for 6 months.  Our Healthy Lifestyle Spa Membership rate is $30 off of our walk-in rates for the same services. Imagine more energy, more vitality, more balance…less pain.  When your cup is full you’ve got more to give!  Take care of yourself and the world around you will settle in nicely!

 Healthy Lifestyle Spa Membership is FREE…
It simply allows you the discounted rate of $69 per month
with a 6 month commitment to yourself!
That’s $30 off the Walk-In rate.

We know that many of you like to receive a massage every week, or perhaps you would like to have both a facial and a massage in the same month.  For example, enjoy a massage for $69 during the first week of the month, then book Integrate’s signature honey facial in the second week for $69.

Once you book your Healthy Lifestyle Spa Membership service, we invite you to arrive a little early for your appointment or stay after your session to enjoy the use of our Eucalyptus Steam Room, shower and locker room amenities.  We request that our members bring their own towel(s) for use after the steam or showers allowing us to offer this membership discount.  If this is not possible, or if you forget your own towel, our front desk will be happy to offer you a towel at no charge.

Available Add- Ons:    Deep Tissue $10 • Essential Oils $10 • Far Infrared Sauna Session $20


Monthly Billing or UP FRONT options:

Integrate’s Healthy Lifestyle Spa Membership monthly billing option requires that you commit to a 6 month membership contract with a credit card on file billed monthly for $69.  All memberships will be billed 30 days from the joining date of each month (i.e. Join October 29, and you’ll be billed November 29).  Membership Contracts may not be cancelled during that 6 months.  You decide whether to renew every 6 months.
Contact us for more details.


For those not wanting a monthly billed membership or if you are a part time resident, we offer an UP FRONT option.  Purchase 6 sessions UP FRONT and use them for yourself, as you wish, over 6 months.  The sessions expire after 6 months or when used up.
Contact us for more details.


***Healthy Lifestyle appointments must be booked Monday-Friday.

***Cancellation Policy: We require a minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice prior to your visit to avoid a charge for services booked.