Ann Casey ~ CrossFit Level One Trainer, Monkey Bar Gym Certified Natural Trainer,Rehabilitation Movement Therapist, Structural Integration Rolfer

Ann has been a student of the human body for nearly 20 years.  She has been in private practice in Salida since 1994 as a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Rehabilitation Movement Therapist, Structural Integration/ Rolfer and a Certified Nutritionist.  Her athletic background, College of Charleston Women Soccer, Whitewater raft guide, ACA Kayak instructor instigated her desire to understand more about how we move.  Over the years, she has seen many clients with pain complaints stemming from athletic injury, lack of healthy functional movement and routine weight training with isolation machines found in many “traditional” gyms.  This inspired her to bring functional fitness training to Salida, opening CrossFit Salida as a part of INTEGRATE mind•body•fitness.  Functional Training is by no means “new”, it is just a more balanced way of strengthening and toning the body without many of the painful side effects that often accompany the routine use of isolation machines.   Simply participating or training in only one sport, be it skiing, swimming, cycling etc. can lead to imbalances in the body.  Cross training with constantly varied, high intensity, whole body functional movements is the foundation for Crossfit Salida’s fitness program.  This foundation and the positive effects on everyone whether you are a serious athlete, weekend warrior or simply want to live with less pain, is what inspired Ann to bring CrossFit and Monkey Bar Gym fitness to Salida.  Improving inner awareness is where it all starts and Ann inspires her clients to begin and maintain that journey!


Lacey Barron~CrossFit Level One Trainer

Lacey is is CrossFit Level I certified and a former NCAA Division I College Soccer player. Lacey was brought to Salida through her love of the outdoors and the Colorado lifestyle.  She fell in love with CrossFitfor its team-like mentality that brought her right back to her playing days.

Aleks Berzins~Personal Trainer


Tonya Carr~CrossFit Level One Trainer


Kim Shaffer~Boot Camp Trainer