What is Crossfit and How do I get started?

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What is CrossFit Salida?    Constantly Varied  •  High Intensity  •   Functional Movement

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CrossFit Salida is a functional training gym that looks and functions differently than a traditional gym.  There are no rooms filled with standard, isolation weight training machines.  CrossFit Salida focuses on training full-body movements and skills like running, jumping, climbing, crawling, lifting.  You use your own body weight, boxes, jungle gym bars, kettlebells, jump ropes, olympic barbells, bumper plates, bands, ropes, free weights, bosu balls, medicine balls, slam balls, rowing machines, ellipticals, and tires to improve your strength, speed and stamina in the sports and activities that you love.


CrossFitCrossFit Salida focuses on the whole body, the whole person.  We move our bodies, not machines.  The workouts change daily and there is no time for boredom!  Our gym also offers a variety of specialty classes like Yoga, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes, and Bootcamp as well as open gym hours.  As a member of CrossFit Salida we encourage you to attend the variety of classes offered as this will enhance your overall heath.

Can CrossFit Salida strength training put on muscle like weightlifting does?

Yes. Not only can you put on muscle just as easily, it’s usable muscle.

Traditional weight machine training, uses the idea of isolation training and does not focus on functional strength. You isolate the muscle to build it faster. This, however, can come at an enormous price.  Your body is not designed to work in isolated movements;  your muscle groups are designed to work together, which is the definition of true functional strength.

Training using isolated movements restricts your body from developing stability and support from the core to the extremities, resulting in poor functional strength. Organizing the intrinsic /core / stability muscle groups  helps to prevent injury.   This functional strength will only develop by using the free range of motion training, like we do in our gym. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned athlete, our training methods will not only give you the look you want, but more importantly they will develop the functional strength you’ve always dreamed of!CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource


It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a gym but I’m ready to get fit! How can I get started?

Starting a fitness program can be scary, especially one that uses high intensity work like CrossFit.  We promise, you’ll be fine. Trust us – we’ve trained many people who were fatter, weaker, older and less “athletic” than you. They made it and stuck to it – AND had a blast doing it!

CrossFit is unique in that each workout and exercise can be scaled to maximize a workout at any level. Our program is designed to accommodate an 85-year-old woman or people with weight challenges, all the way up to elite athletes.

For those who are just starting with CrossFit Salida and are pretty new to the gym and CrossFit scene, CrossFit Salida offers a FREE CrossFit and Gym Orientation Class.  This class is designed to introduce you to the Gym, explain what to expect in a CrossFit Class, teach you proper exercise form to protect from injury, and most importantly, show you opti0ns for scaling your work outs to fit your skill level, body, and fitness goals.  Once you’ve attended our free orientation, try a CrossFit class… on us…. before you comit to a long-term membership.  And don’t worry, each CrossFit class is taught by one of our Certified CrossFit trainers who begin each class with detailed instructions on that day’s workout (WOD) and the included exercises, so you’ll never feel out of place or lost!

After attending our FREE orientati0n and a FREE class, most people are hooked and ready to commit to CrossFit! They see they’ve wasted a lot of time in the gym and that CrossFit will get them in the best shape of their lives – FAST.

I’m an experienced gym-goer but ready to ditch the machines and be challenged by CrossFit!  How can I get started?

We work with many people who have been going to a traditional gym for years and have yet to see any real results, or people who are seasoned athletes in one specific sport who realize they can improve performance with CrossFit’s approach to full-body fitness. For all those new to CrossFit,  CrossFit Salida offers a FREE 1 hour gym and CrossFit orientation!  In this orientation, one of our Certified CrossFit Trainers will explain the flow of CrossFit Salida workouts and provide instruction on CrossFit’s nine foundational movements.  With this foundation, you’ll be ready to start CrossFit as soon as you feel ready! And don’t worry, each CrossFit class is taught by one of our Certified CrossFit trainers who begin each class with detailed instructions on that day’s workout (WOD), so you’ll never feel out of place or lost!

Check our current Schedule for the CrossFit Orientation Class.

I’m an experienced CrossFitter!  How can I get started?

CrossFit Salida will NEVER require a membership to enjoy use of our gym!  Experienced CrossFitters are welcome to drops-in for $14.  Check out our Class Schedule.

If you’re new to Salida and are looking for your new CrossFit Box, CrossFit Salida offers many gym membership options, from unlimited monthly memberships to punch passes that do not require a membership.  Check out our Pricing page for Gym pricing options.


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