Ayurvedic Spa Treatments



Ayurveda is an ancient lifestyle practice which aims to create harmony within the body. Ayurvedic spa treatments utilize various healing modalities to preserve health and promote longevity. This natural system of medicine has been used for 5,000 years. Ayurveda works on the belief that all life forms have a “dosha” – a unique mix of energies known as “vata”, “pitta” and “kapha”.  Ayurvedic spa treatments help to balance the doshas having the correct balance of nature’s basic elements – earth, fire, water, air and ether. INTEGRATE spa offers the essential Ayurvedic spa treatments for relaxing the mind, body and spirit.  Choose from individual spa treatments or combine the treatments for a full immersion Pancha Karma Detox package and treat yourself to a blissful spa day.



ABHYANGA    60 min: $125

There is no greater expression of self-love than lovingly anointing ourselves from head to toe with warm oil—this practice is called Abhyanga. Herbal oil is massaged into the skin with a combination of different strokes and intuitive movements designed to bring nourishment to the tissues, deep relaxation to the muscles, and calmness to the mind. Abhyanga stimulates your immune system and improves circulation. We invite you to shower after the session and end with a steam bath that will leave you feeling clear, rejuvenated and deeply moisturized. The heat and steam also help to liquefy and dislodge toxins.  It is believed that the effects of Abhyanga are similar to those received when one is saturated with love.
* Please bring appropriate clothing if you choose not to use our shower/ steam facilities. Your clothes will get oil on them.



SHIRODHARA    60 min: $145    Package of 3 within 2 weeks: $399

Shirodhara is a simple yet profound treatment that works specifically on balancing and stabilizing the activity of the mind. Shirodhara is a continuous pouring of warm herb infused oil in a slow steady stream on the forehead that helps to pacify the subtle aspects of the doshas: nourishing the nervous system, promoting relaxation and tranquility, and improving mental clarity and comprehension. As the oils are methodically streamed over the third eye (forehead), this gives the body and mind an opportunity to journey into deep relaxation. Shirodhara reduces stress and tension and promotes a blissful sleep.  Because of the profound effects it has upon the consciousness, it has often been called “Bliss Therapy.”  *Afterwards you may choose to leave the oil in the hair or shower and steam in our facilities. If you choose not to use our shower/ steam facilities, you may want to bring a hat to cover your oil soaked hair for your journey home.


PANCHA KARMA DETOX PACKAGE   3 Hours: $285 per person

Ayurveda treatments create harmony with the body- mind connection.  A complete Ayurveda detox treatment combines the Abhyanga and Shirodhara treatments with our Far Infrared sauna, for a total Ayurvedic detox. This Pancha Karma detox package is the combination of these three treatments. It is designed to lead the mind, body and spirit on an inner journey of deep relaxation and mental purification, boost the immune system, increase circulation and nourish the body.  This package is ideal for those who suffer from stress, insomnia or anxiety. Tradition when receiving these services is to leave the residual oil on your skin and in your hair for the rest of the day.  However, you may choose to finish this complete healing detox package with a warm shower and complimentary session in our eucalyptus steam room.
*Please bring appropriate clothing if you choose not to use our shower/ steam facilities. Your clothes will get oil on them and your hair will be oily. Many people bring a hat with them to go home in.
**If purchasing online, please call Integrate to book your appointment.