Practitioners at INTEGRATE

Rolfing Structural Integration • Massage • Spa Treatments

Ann Casey Owner, NCMT, SI, CN, MT. 

Owner of INTEGRATE, began her career in alternative therapy in 1994. She is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Rehabilitation Movement Therapist, Certified Nutritionist, Structural Integration Rolf practitioner, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and a Monkey Bar Gym Certified Natural Trainer. Today Ann’s private practice specializes in relief from chronic pain complaints such as Headaches, TMJ, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Sciatica, low back pain, Tendonitis and Plantar Fascitis.  A large part of her practice is focused on advanced, post 10 series, Rolfing Structural Integration work which incorporates movement therapy, massage and skeletal joint work.  She honors the individual goals of her clients and makes it her first priority to custom tailor the session to their specific needs.  Her vision for opening a wellness center/functional training gym began many years ago.  She is a great resource for discussing your health care and what modalities can best serve your health care needs.




Massage Therapy & Spa Treatments

Toni Wieland-Pulos

Toni came to massage through her career as a Nursing assistant in the Denver and Colorado Springs area. Looking to challenge herself, she enrolled in nursing school and was almost finished when she became mysteriously ill and had to take a break. Doctors finally realized it was scar tissue build up and Toni had major abdominal surgery.

After recovery, Toni decided to continue with her education and take her love of helping people in a new direction. She enrolled in the Denver School of Massage and fell in love with bodywork as a means of healing. After seeing an Integrate sign on the bulletin board of her Massage school, Toni, her husband, and two cats (Sabreil and Waikiki) decided to get away from the hectic pace of city life and start a new life in beautiful Salida.

Toni has built a loyal following by combining her nursing school training and years as a Nursing Assistant with her massage practice to better identify her client’s needs and help them heal. She specializes in a wide variety of body work including Swedish, Deep Tissue,  Hot Stone, Prenatal Massage, Cupping, Facials, and Body Wraps.


Rolfing Structural Integration

Gene Tkatschenko

Gene has been a Practitioner of Rolf Structural Integration since May of 2003. He built a private practice in Boulder, Colorado for years before relocating to Salida and joining the team at Integrate. Gene received his training and diploma from the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, created by former teachers and staff of Ida P. Rolf ( founder of the method of Structural Integration).

After years of working in carpentry, Gene began to suffer from back pain and shoulder numbness.  His search for relief led him to Rolfing. Gene found the answer to his pain and numbness upon completing the rolfing ten-series, but more importantly, he gained an understanding of what posture could mean for one’s well being and freedom of movement.  This lead to a new career path and passion. With over fifteen years of experience, Gene tailors each Rolfing session to the individual needs of his clients.  Gene has lived in Salida for nine years with his wife Sandy, a renowned permaculturist.  They enjoy gardening and participating in the Dances of Universal Peace — (gatherings that combine singing, chanting and movement, that unify people in compassion and joy, and that spread love, peace and sometimes laughter).