Program Description Guidelines

INTEGRATE is Salida’s premier Spa, Wellness center, Yoga & Fitness Studio, Event Center. Our holistic practitioners, trainers, teachers share a vision to educate, inspire and support everyone in optimal health and well-being. Our beautiful event facility offers several venue options including Salida’s only rooftop venue for series, classes, workshops and meetings.  To learn more about INTEGRATE please visit our website.

Submitting Your Proposal

INTEGRATE schedules programs year round.  We ask that you put a proposal together that you are passionate and knowledgeable about and to pick a format that best supports your material and your teaching comfort zone.  We’ve come up with the following guidelines to help you submit a complete proposal. The best instructors are those who have a love of their subject, a desire to share it and a basic competence in the subject they will be teaching. If you think that you meet these qualifications, then we welcome the opportunity to review your application to teach at INTEGRATE. Below is a list of information needed for your proposal to be reviewed:

  • Class/Workshop title and description, not to exceed 200 words.  
  • An outline of your class format (will it be mostly lecture or experiential)
  • Any CEU’s or other Certification
  • Basic needs such as #of hours, # of sessions needed, size of room, anything you would require from INTEGRATE.
  • Maximum or minimum # of students
  • A relevant instructor biography for this class/workshop (not to exceed 50 words)
  • Your plan to market and promote this class.
  • Three professional references including addresses and phone numbers     


Upon Proposal Acceptance

An interview will be scheduled to discuss logistics, time of course and date(s), payment agreement and contractual policies.  An understanding of our agreement and INTEGRATE policies ensures a good working partnership among administrative staff, instructors and students.  You may submit your proposal as a digital file to or by mail to: Integrate, 305 G St, Salida, CO 81201


Program Description Guidelines

To write a clear and welcoming invitation to prospective students about what your program offers them:

  • Address the student directly (second person pronoun): e.g., expand your awareness, as you practice.
  • Use uncomplicated language: e.g., “helps you learn” rather than “facilitates learning.”
  • Where possible, use active rather than passive voice: e.g., “explore several postures” rather than “several postures are explored.”
  • Where possible, use present rather than future tense: e.g., “you connect with your goals” rather than “you will connect.”
  • Favor shorter words, less complicated sentences, and bulleted lists that are easy to scan and grasp.

Your course description of 100-250 words* should contain:

  1.  A clear and concise course title, which is your main selling point. For example: The Business of Yoga for Teachers and Studios (versus a vague title like Intentional Healing).
  2.  Opening sentence (or two) that grabs the reader’s attention – a question, a statement, or a call to action.
  • The practice and power of yoga can enhance any runner’s strength, flexibility, and recovery.
  • Yoga comes naturally to kids!
  1. Short synopsis of a couple of sentences conveying the main idea of your program. You may also highlight what makes your approach or expertise unique.


The “Making Peace with Food and Your Body” approach was developed by a former binge eater and psychotherapist to help other women let go of their struggles with food and create more fulfilling lives. Join Barbara Holtzman, MSW, LICSW, author of Conscious Eating, Conscious Living, to develop a healthier, more intuitive relationship with food, and learn how to find your body’s natural weight without dieting.

  1. A bulleted list of program highlights that detail your program’s offering or what participants can expect to learn or do:
  • Runners of all levels can expect to:
  • Improve strength by practicing targeted asana sequences
  • Decrease muscle stiffness
  • Increase range of motion
  • Improve focus and body awareness
  • Increase lung capacity through breathing techniques
  1. A closing summary that clearly states what participants will gain or take home with them:
  • is simple to learn, easy to practice, and can become a valuable lifetime tool.
  • At the end of the week, return home with greater insight into your unique “owner’s manual” and a plan to make these healthy practices into habit.
  1. Any prerequisites, reading materials, contraindications (e.g., pregnancy), or other notes (e.g., bring a journal; eat lightly prior to class; yoga and/or bodywork experience is recommended, but not required).

*100-150 words for workshop of up to 8 hours; 250-word maximum for workshop of 8 or more hours.