SPA Testimonials

“Your place is lovely and your therapists are amazing.  I don’t think you could do anything any better.  When I come back to Salida I will definitely be in touch.  That was one of the best massages I ever had and I’ve been in the massage biz over 2 decades….kudos to you!”

Maggy Schulze

“Just wanted you to know that I think INTEGRATE has the best massage therapists I have ever had.  They have the amazing ability to find the epicenter of my aches and pains and really work at trying to alleviate them.

I felt like the kitten in this video 🙂
I am grateful that Integrate is providing such a great service to Salida!”
Lauren Giusti
* * * *
“Gene fixed my aching hips. In just 2 sessions I began to feel a real change. His work has affects that you don’t realize until a few days later and then poof! The nagging aches can be eased. I now know a regular Rolfing session to readjust will keep me working towards a pain free body.”


Alison Manthey

* * * *

“Kim’s personal training plan made me a better swimmer, even after an entire lifetime of swimming. There was increased strength and fitness, but it was especially in my legs. In the better kick, making for a smoother flow altogether.”

Jennifer Bendixon
Salida Local

* * * *

“Integrate is my gym! We have such a fun time with our workouts, and we push each other to do our best. I have also had many massages (including hot stone) and facials. I recommend them all! The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. Ann Casey will go the extra mile for anyone.

Jill Johnson
Regular 6 AM member

* * * *


      “I’ve been playing hockey all my life and was drafted into the NHL at age 18. Over the years I’ve suffered many back injuries, and pretty much assumed that my career as a professional hockey player would affect my ability to walk by the age of 40. Then I met Ann Casey, and she introduced me to Rolfing Structural Integration and Movement Therapy. The sessions with Ann were helpful because she worked with my problem back areas like no other therapist had before. Rolfing and Movement work helped with my overall game, and I look forward to scheduling more sessions with Ann.”

Kyle Quincey
LA Kings, Colorado Avalanche, Detroit Red Wings

* * * *

“Ann Casey made a huge impact on me during our Rolfing sessions.  I had hip pain for nearly 2 years, and one session with Ann resolved the pain.  As an osteopathic physician fellowship-trained in sports medicine, I have worked with many athletes whose performance is hindered by pain and sometimes subtle structural dysfunction.  Rolfing is an excellent treatment modality for many people suffering from musculoskeletal pain.  I have recommended Rolfing to many of my patients and will continue to do so!”

Dr. Megan Grant-Nierman
Osteopathic Physician

* * * *

“Oh my gosh, that massage was awesome and Jennifer gave me the treatment of yogurt on my skin… oh my gosh,  I got four hours of sleep…. Thank you Jennifer!!!!”

Marilyn Laverty
SBDC coordinator

* * * *

“As an older athlete, wood-worker, coach, and outdoor recreationalist, I went to INTEGRATE to begin the journey of rebuilding a well-used body.  The 10-series of Rolfing Structural Integration with Gene was nothing short of astounding in its results.  The depth of knowledge and the programs offered at INTEGRATE are, in my opinion, exceptional.”

Ben Oswald
Ben Oswald Furniture, Soccer Coach

* * * *

“I love St. Francis Organics Shampoo and Conditioner.  My daughter owns a salon in Taos, NM and always sends me fancy, expensive shampoos and conditioners.  But I like St. Francis Organics better than any I’ve tried!”

Eliza Collins
Salida Resident

* * * *

“Ann Casey’s integrative bodywork (comparable to Rolfing and Hellerwork) is amazing.  I had 10 sessions of Hellerwork for my body some 10 years ago; it made such a profound difference in my flexibility and overall well-being that when I moved to Salida and found Ann, I immediately started 10 sessions with her.  It is hard to remember details from 10 years ago, but this time I wrote some words on my calendar as we moved through the sessions:  “younger”, “playful”, “flexible”, “creative”…  So somehow it did something other than just made me feel better physically.  Everything does come easier when you feel good, too.  And if you aren’t properly aligned, head to foot, then you are out of balance.  My body definitely feels younger and moves easier, and I don’t feel pain stuck in my body like I used to.  Before this work, I had some pain that was wanting to just settle in and stay in my body.  This bodywork is so very different from any kind of massage I have had because it is not massage.  Somehow it works with your bone alignments.  I feel so much better.  I feel more in touch with the ground, and with my body, and my chest feels more open.  It’s easier to breathe and easier to hold correct posture naturally.  Some people say it is painful, but you know, pain is a signal that something is out of balance.  There are many places/points on your body that can be pressed on with quite a bit of pressure, and all you will feel is the pressure.  But if there is a place where your muscles aren’t moving in balance and are stuck, then that spot needs to be eased into when the work is being done, because when the feeling is some pain instead of just pressure, then it means that that exact point needs to get unstuck.  I should say this is my opinion.  Ann can do a much better job of explaining what she does and how it helps.  I keep telling people about it because it has made me feel wellness throughout my body again.”

Karen J. Johnson, M.Ed.
Freelance Manuscript Editor

* * * *

“I LOVE Facial Acupuncture at INTEGRATE!  I noticed immediate results with the very first treatment!  The bags under my eyes that had plagued me for years, deflated and went away with the first treatment.  My skin feels tighter and looks more youthful!

I’ve also been dealing with osteoporosis, and Ann Casey suggested that I try taking the Tropical Oasis Liquid Calcium Magnesium as a supplement about 2 months ago.  During a recent check up with my doctor, he reported that my blood work looked better than it has in a long time.  The only thing different that I’ve been doing is taking the liquid calcium that they sell at INTEGRATE.  I’m two bottles in and love the taste!  Now I’m back for 2 more bottles!”

Paula Saari
Local Salida Resident

* * * *

“Several weeks ago I began Reflexology treatments offered by INTEGRATE. I had been unable to walk without pain for the past ten years. Over that time, I received treatments and orthotics from six of Colorado’s finest foot specialists. Without any lasting relief from previous treatments, I was quite skeptical about any possible positive benefits from a “foot massage”. Once again, I was wrong. I began to feel less pain while walking almost immediately. Now after five sessions, I am back to walking everyday…pain free. Thank you to everyone at INTEGRATE who make me feel so welcome and comfortable. This experience has enriched my life.”

John Engelbrecht

* * * *

“I had chronic lower back, knee, ankle and elbow pain for over five years. By the end of my fourth Rolfing session, I was pain free. As I continued with the rest of the sessions, it became easier to move, and my body seemed to loosen up, as if all the friction was gone. My mindset also began to change. I no longer thought having aches and pains were a natural part of getting older, but I now believe I can live pain free. Thanks so much for the great work.”

Steve Redmond
Retired US Military

* * * *

“Wow! I was amazed at how beautiful INTEGRATE is. In fact, I was speechless. All I can say is that you did a fabulous job on the re-model and setting the perfect energy. Congratulations!”

Stacey Joslin
Spiritual Counselor

* * * *

“A year ago, I made up my mind that I would find a way to recover my ability to be active in life. I was so limited that I couldn’t even take a walk if the ground was uneven without throwing my back out. My knees would ache, and I would get sciatica pain shooting down my legs. As a consequence, my only physical options were to walk on a sidewalk, swim, and do yoga. Anything else caused too many problems. I had been dealing with this issue for three years, and nothing I tried resolved the issue. After going through my ten rolfing sessions with Ann Casey, I have improved dramatically. I can now hike up and down hills, ride my bike, and even do Zumba classes. I am looking forward to getting back into cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. I am back to living the physical life I always took for granted before. This is the most important thing I did in all of 2010.”

Jennifer Joyce
LeadershipSmarts Coach

* * * *

“Really inspired by Ann Casey and INTEGRATE Wellness Center in Salida. She is rocking her dream and helping me so much with mine. Thanks Ann!”

Jennifer Tucker Visitacion

* * * *

“Back in 1992, I was about to give up my favorite sport of Ultimate Frisbee until I was Rolfed to relieve a sciatic nerve problem in my right hip. Those first 10 sessions of Rolfing gave me 6 more years of playing Ultimate. When I moved to the mountains, I eventually retired from Ultimate and acquired singular sports that led me back to Rolfing. For the last 5 years, Ann Casey has kept me in more than just performance shape in order to maintain my sport passions. With her healing hands and extraordinary knowledge of the structure of the body and how it works, Ann Casey has helped me excel and keep the fire going with intermittent Rolfing “tune-ups”. She has also coached me to integrate other forms of body movement into my life: Feldenkrais, Yoga, Pilates and stretching in order to counter the same singular movements I do over and over and over. Casey goes far beyond the remarkable practice of Rolfing; she listens and mentors you into better health and fitness. She cares about you and your health with incredible passion. For example, at the start of one session she said, “I have been thinking about the way you stand. You have over-developed extensor digitorum longus muscles in your lower legs.” We discovered that since I was 12 years old, after deciding I didn’t want to appear flat-footed anymore, I was holding my arch up by pulling my ankle to the outside. Thirty years later, this habit resulted in that overdeveloped muscle and her observation. That really struck me as an overwhelming act of caring… to be thinking of my legs and their performance between Rolfing sessions! Thanks Casey, you have helped and guided me toward a more holistic approach with less pain, better health, and an understanding of how to stay there.”

Yvonne Barnes
Mt. Bike Enthusiast

* * * *

“Today, I SO much needed a massage. Not a light massage, but a real one. My levator scapulae, rhomboids, and scalene triangle were in so much pain from so much working. I am a massage therapist myself, and I was so pleased and so relieved by Micki Thompson at Integrate. I am relieved now. I am so grateful.”

Diane Harris
Local Massage Therapist