“I just want to thank you for giving me what I consider a “last chance” at finding some sort of exercise program that would work for me considering my needs.  I’m almost 70 years old and have issues with both of my knees.  I had been working out on a treadmill for an hour each day, and my knees just couldn’t take it any longer.  A friend suggested I use a Concept 2 rowing machine, and when I learned that INTEGRATE CrossFit Salida had these rowing machines, I signed up.  Now I come in a few times a week for Open Gym, get on the rowing machine, use the elliptical machine, and then do a circuit of different exercises using INTEGRATE’s cables, kettle bells and BOSU balls.  The owner Ann Casey designed the workout for me, and I’ve been so grateful for my new found energy and strength.  It’s working!!”

Sandy Farrell
Salida, CO



    • “I’ve been playing hockey all my life and was drafted into the NHL at age 18.  Over the years I’ve suffered many back injuries, and pretty much assumed that my career as a professional hockey player would affect my ability to walk by the age of 40.  Then I met Ann Casey, and she introduced me to Rolfing Structural Integration and Movement Therapy.  The sessions with Ann were helpful because she worked with my problem back areas like no other therapist had before. Rolfing and Movement work helped with my overall game, and I look forward to scheduling more sessions with Ann.”

Kyle Quincey
LA Kings, Colorado Avalanche, Detroit Red Wings


“I have been doing classes at Integrate for a while now.  Recently my husband commented on how I seem to carry myself with ease and have better posture.  I didn’t feel like I was out of shape, but since working out, I have experienced a stronger core.  This has been making everything I do a lot easier.  Looking at exercise programs in the past, I was intimidated, thinking they would be too difficult to do physically or commit to.  Because classes are scaled to the individual, they have been really easy for me to stick to and see results.  I feel stronger everyday, and I love the fact that my husband now wants to come try it with me.  Thanks INTEGRATE for offering such a wide range of classes and wellness opportunities.”

Jackie Avignon
Retired in Salida and Loving It!!


“Integrate Salida has helped me rehabilitate both of my knees after surgery.  My range of motion has dramatically improved, getting me back in my game.  Thanks to Integrate, I just completed my fastest solo time ever in Salida’s 3P Pole Pedal Paddle.  I also finished riding the White Rim – 103 miles in 13 hours of bliss – and I felt better than ever and less sore afterwards!  Bring on Summer!

Great classes, steam room and friendly staff!”

Hank Bevington

My fellow classmates create such a positive community – everyone is so encouraging and helpful.My strength, stamina, and endurance have increased phenomenally.  I find myself being able to rely on my strength like I did when I was younger. I can trail run, split wood, and push a wheelbarrow through the snow easily.  I can garden, shovel, and move rocks without pain the next day.  I love feeling so strong, and my husband can tell I’m happier!”

Jean McCaulley
Half a Pair of Jeans


“Ann Casey made a huge impact on me during our Rolfing sessions.  I had hip pain for nearly 2 years, and one session with Ann resolved the pain.  As an osteopathic physician fellowship-trained in sports medicine, I have worked with many athletes whose performance is hindered by pain and sometimes subtle structural dysfunction.  Rolfing is an excellent treatment modality for many people suffering from musculoskeletal pain.  I have recommended Rolfing to many of my patients and will continue to do so!”

Dr. Megan Grant-Nierman
Osteopathic Physician

I just recently finished a 10 series of Rolfing with Ann Casey.
I am so glad that I was able to do this for myself. Loved Ann’s  work and all the information she offered around how I can carry and use my body differently. I look forward to continuing with the awareness and releasing and healing my body. Thanks Ann!
Angela Camarillo 
Custom Furniture Designer

“Great classes…. They are keeping me occupied and in shape this winter.  Thanks so much for bringing fun back into my workout! I’m hooked!”

Sarah Nazzaro
Physical Therapist


“As an older athlete, wood-worker, coach, and outdoor recreationalist, I went to INTEGRATE to begin the journey of rebuilding a well-used body.  The 10-series of Rolfing Structural Integration with Gene was nothing short of astounding in its results.  The depth of knowledge and the programs offered at INTEGRATE are, in my opinion, exceptional.”

Ben Oswald
Ben Oswald Furniture, Soccer Coach


“I have been going to INTEGRATE for 2 years, and its been an overwhelmingly positive change in my life.  I live in Salida, so I can live a mountain-based, athletic lifestyle.  Most days I want to be outside – skiing, paddling, riding my bike or just walking my dog on S Mountain.  I always subscribed to the “outdoors are my gym” philosophy and have never liked traditional gyms.  Who can be motivated to run on a gerbil wheel inside when we live in such a beautiful place? INTEGRATE  is totally different than the traditional gym experience.  The classes are fun, varied, and you are always on your way after an hour.  I love the camaraderie of the classes and the welcoming vibe.  Of course the biggest positive is the results I have seen over the last year.  It complements all the sports I love to do, and I feel a new level of personal fitness when I am out skiing, paddling, riding my bike or going for a trail run.  Everything from strength to flexibility to endurance to nagging injuries have improved since I started exercising.”

Mike Harvey
BadFish Stand Up Paddle Boards


“I started doing classes at Integrate this summer and was absolutely amazed with the changes that happened in my body.  I have old injuries from martial arts that plagued me for years.  The diversity and full body functional training that I brought into my daily exercise routine seemed to break up the pain and troubled areas which resulted in major pain relief.  I am so glad I tried something new!  The staff at INTEGRATE is amazingly concise when it comes to instruction, helping to explain proper techniques, and offering alternatives when there are physical limitations.  Thank you Ann Casey and all the staff at INTEGRATE!”

Hilary Denise
2nd Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do


“Wow! I was amazed at how beautiful Integrate is. In fact, I was speechless. All I can say is that you did a fabulous job on the re-model and setting the perfect energy. Congratulations!”

Stacey Joslin
Spiritual Counselor


“Really inspired by Ann Casey and Integrate Wellness Center in Salida. She is rocking her dream and helping me so much with mine. Thanks Ann!”

Jennifer Tucker Visitacion


“Feldenkrais Movement Class is absolute meditation for the body. My low back feels so much better!  What a wonderful class… I’m going to tell all my friends to check it out!”

Nancy Hinrichs
Salida Resident


“Back in 1992, I was about to give up my favorite sport of Ultimate Frisbee until I was Rolfed to relieve a sciatic nerve problem in my right hip. Those first 10 sessions of Rolfing gave me 6 more years of playing Ultimate. When I moved to the mountains, I eventually retired from Ultimate and acquired singular sports that led me back to Rolfing. For the last 5 years, Ann Casey has kept me in more than just performance shape in order to maintain my sport passions. With her healing hands and extraordinary knowledge of the structure of the body and how it works, Ann Casey has helped me excel and keep the fire going with intermittent Rolfing “tune-ups”. She has also coached me to integrate other forms of body movement into my life: Feldenkrais, Yoga, Pilates and stretching in order to counter the same singular movements I do over and over and over. Casey goes far beyond the remarkable practice of Rolfing; she listens and mentors you into better health and fitness. She cares about you and your health with incredible passion. For example, at the start of one session she said, “I have been thinking about the way you stand. You have over-developed extensor digitorum longus muscles in your lower legs.” We discovered that since I was 12 years old, after deciding I didn’t want to appear flat-footed anymore, I was holding my arch up by pulling my ankle to the outside. Thirty years later, this habit resulted in that overdeveloped muscle and her observation. That really struck me as an overwhelming act of caring… to be thinking of my legs and their performance between Rolfing sessions! Thanks Casey, you have helped and guided me toward a more holistic approach with less pain, better health, and an understanding of how to stay there.”

Yvonne Barnes
Mt. Bike Enthusiast

Marie did a wonderful job and my shoulders are light-years better than they were before my visit!
Thank you! And I’ll be by to make another appointment soon.
Deirdre Wait
Salida Resident
I have been seeing Gene for Rolfing for several weeks. I have and have had significant orthopedic issues resulting in arthritis and tight facia in every joint and muscle. He has made significant and lasting improvements in my flexibility and mobility. His program works and I am a believer !!
Suzy Moody 
Salida Resident