Infrared Sauna

welcome to INTEGRATE … what we do around here!

welcome to INTEGRATE We wanted to welcome you to Integrate as many people tell us once they come in that they’ve passed by for years and wondered what we do here!  Whether you are new to Salida, just visiting, or are a beloved community member, INTEGRATE is Salida’s premier luxury spa, wellness & retreat center located in beautiful historic downtown

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Warm Up In Our Far Infrared Sauna

Come warm your bones in our far-infrared sauna! How can an infrared sauna benefit you? This specialty sauna uses heaters to emit infrared light, which warms the body and is experienced as radiant heat. This is unlike traditional dry-heat saunas, which heat the air within the sauna to temperatures between 190-195 degrees. This can be uncomfortable to sit in for

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