welcome to INTEGRATE … what we do around here!

welcome to INTEGRATE We wanted to welcome you to Integrate as many people tell us once they come in that they’ve passed by for years and wondered what we do here!  Whether you are new to Salida, just visiting, or are a beloved community member, INTEGRATE is Salida’s premier luxury spa, wellness & retreat center located in beautiful historic downtown

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Burnt Toast… The Art of Receiving

I feel exceedingly blessed and overflowing with gratitude when Mother’s Day falls on a beautiful, warm,  spring in the air sort of day! Awakening from slumber with the bouquet of morning coffee permeating your home or kids not so quietly in the kitchen preparing breakfast in bed for Mom…burnt toast and runny eggs served with a flower and smiles of

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How Massage Therapy Relieves Stress

Take a deep breath. You made it! 2018! Where are you? Are you leaning in to the change/cycle you are currently going through or being called towards? As a practitioner of massage therapy, stress relief is a daily movement and discussion with clients. How can I help others feel brand new after a session? You see, a cascade of biochemicals

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