The Art of Doing Nothing

We are able to find joy in accomplishing the daily list and more importantly, we are able to find joy in the art of doing nothing.  

Getting nothing accomplished for a day is a BIG accomplishment!  I sometimes find myself feeling overwhelmed when I get to the end of my day and didn’t feel like I accomplished anything on my list. Overwhelm can set in and I vow to make tomorrow different. Tomorrow often comes and the pattern repeats.  This is especially true for those that buy into the thought that we are not worthy if we are not accomplishing something.  

Sometimes a nothing day presents itself and we don’t’ even know how to start to do nothing.  Or doing nothing feels as if we are being delinquent in some way. Feeling non productive often times feels like a wasted day, guilt creeps in and here comes overwhelm.  

This is when I remind myself to tap into the art of receiving which starts with feeling worthy.  Then embracing the doing ‘nothing’ day, starts with perhaps laying in bed an extra hour, looking out of the window and noticing the weather.  Slink out of bed for a late tea or coffee, taste it! Breath. Look around the house and feel grateful for what we do have verses what is missing.  Tell your family, to have a bowl of cereal and kiss them as they leave for the day. Tell the ones we love that we love them with all of our hearts!  Now slowly get dressed, pick up the phone and make an appointment for a massage, that long overdue Rolfing series that everyone says will help, or walk around the park or have lunch with a friend.  Make a choice to do something for yourself today. To give to yourself. To receive. To feel nurtured and cared for fills our hearts and revs us for the week ahead.  

Don’t wait to repeat this day.  You deserve to receive and when we get the art of receiving down, giving feels all the better and our family and loved ones will notice!