The Art of Receiving Bodywork


Many people believe massage to be a luxury.  Something that we do for ourselves perhaps once a year or only when someone gifts us a session. We often think it is expensive so we reach for Ibuprofen for pain relief or sleeping pills to get a good night’s rest.  These medications have a place but often they are too heavily relied upon and create problems down the road. Often I hear the story of clients living in pain and equating this with “getting older”. This is just simply, not the case.  Getting older does not come with a ticket to suffer. I’ve just had my 50th birthday and have no trace of the chronic pain that I had experienced in my mid 20’s. What have I done to make this my reality? I’ve received regular bodywork.  What is regular? Regular is different for every person. Acute pain is immediate and may require weekly sessions. Chronic pain is that nagging pain that stays around, or disappears for a few weeks only to return with avengence. Chronic pain is often alleviated with Rolfing.  I’m a firm believer in receiving quality bodywork, on a regular basis whether it be a monthly massage or Rolfing session. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve experienced it for myself. I’ve worked with 1000’s of clients that have seen results. Massage and Rolfing have a legitimate place in our personal health care story.

When people receive regular bodywork they feel the benefits of massage in their bodies, minds and experience positive changes throughout their lives. Receiving bodywork increases blood flow, improves range of motion and settles the nervous system. It also gives you the sense of honoring yourself.  When we receive a quality bodywork session, there is relief of pain and a deep sense of calm that trickles down to our relationships with family and friends. We are so busy, trying to be superbeings, that it is easy to miss the point. The art of receiving begins with evaluating our priorities. We all have a choice in managing our own healthcare.  Make yourself a priority and schedule a massage today. You will be glad you did and your family will notice!